The project “Georgina” is a stage play based on the best selling book “Georgina Holocaust Memoirs”  depicting the life of a Jewish woman and her desperate desire to survive and make a better life for herself and her children, highlighting her ability to overcome the life-threatening and brutal Hungarian regime of 1949. It is a testimony to one person’s survival and resilience. Georgina was instrumental in helping her family survive intact and start a new life in a new country, Australia.

The stage play exposes the horrific challenges Georgina had to face to secure safe passage from oppression to freedom by any means necessary.

Gabriella, her daughter, wrote her mother’s story which highlights facts of history that are
lesser-known to many. It is a testimony to those individuals who dared to dream of a better
life and challenged themselves to make the journey.

Georgina and family

Georgina Gomori

Georgina Gomori

Imre Gomori

Imre Gomori

Andor Glasgall

The Gerogina Project - 07

Imre at his bicycle shop

The Gerogina Project - 06

Imre and the bicycle crew 

during the war

Imre and Andrew

Imre and Andrew

Gerogina and Children

Georgina and children

The Gerogina Project - 02

Georgina and Imre

The Gerogina Project - 12

irma with

gabriella and Andrew

The Gerogina Project - 13

georgina and gabriella