Dr Annishka Oska

Georgina’s story is one that instantly grabs you with a sense of wonder as you find yourself asking ‘How can one person be so consistently fortunate in the midst of such adversity?’

Where coincidence exceeds the probability of luck, one quickly realizes there is something more to this protagonist than can ordinarily be explained. There is no doubting Georgina’s strength of character, but is it a brazen boldness, utter naivety, or something just out of this world? That is the enigma that is Georgina!

What is clear however, is that Georgina refused to fear. And it is this moral that makes it a very timely telling. It draws on lessons from history, an era where people were segregated, divided, and scrutinized by the government and propaganda machines. Those past decisions were only later judged as crimes against humanity.

We can connect with this story through a shared experience of current worldwide chaos, uncertainty, mandates and echoes of a two tiered society.

As there is nothing new under the sun, we can see that at times when situations looked bleak, those who refused to fear held to hope, survived and indeed thrived. Overall, this is an inspirational story of life events, some tragic, some comical. It stirs the conscience and shines a light in the dark.

Annishka Oska has an affinity with directing oral history genres. Notably, her production Whereabouts was the recipient of numerous government grants and an initiator of diplomatic cultural exchange as an international touring theatre.

Annishka trained in Directing at NIDA as a graduate of LA’s Joan Scheckel The Technique. She has a UNSW degree in Theatre; a Phd in Educational Psychology with research publications on Shakespeare and learning. She has worked as a Manager at NIDA and taught postgraduate theory of Creativity at USYD.

Annishka enjoys telling stories across different mediums and has taken out best short film awards at Famous Fest, Silent Cells, Quick Flicks & Cool Bananas Festivals, as well as being an internationally published fine art photographer.